A Panorama of the Brazilian Pet Market and its visibility in the World.

At a time when the world economy displays a period of generalized waiting, caugth in the crisis that affected the financial health of the United States in 2008 and, more recently countries such as Portugal, Ireland and Greece, as well the emergence of new powers such as China and India, the focus of investments turns drastically towards economies showing growth potential, such as the Latin American countries and, in particular Brazil.

With a growth projection of almost 4% per year and a GDP of around 2.3 trillion dollars , occupying the sixth place in the ranking of more than 230 countries, Brazil has become the focus of attention of investors from all over the world in search of security, profitability and sustainable growth.

Various sectors of the Brazilian economy follow growth path, in particular the segment I dedicate this article, where I have been active in the past 10 years as a market and innovation consultant: products and services for the pet market!
According to data published by institutes such as Euromonitor, the growth of Latin America in the global pet Market has grown at na average rate of 11.9% in the last five years.Brazil being the outstanding star with a turn over of around five billion dollars in 2010.

This figure tends to grow, since a repressed demand still exists for products and services in our market. Opportunities appear every instant for brazilian and foregin investors who understand the different comercial, marketing and, principaly , language features used in the conquest of obtaining loyalty in these new emerging markets such as Brazil.

But what can and what should Brazilian pet entrepreneurs do with this information?

How can we understand this wave of interest on the part of the companies, manufacturers and distributors of the whole world?

In the last week I received enquiries from 3 countries interested in partnerships, obtaining information about the Brazilian market and in learning how to start up operations.
The participation of Brazilian companies in international pet fairs such as Expozoo and the Shangai Pet Fair grows every year, and the booths of companies and missions organized by APEX are pratically invaded by companies interested in participating in this market, so importante for those who find their markets stagnant, shrinking or growing below the average expected by their strategic planning.
National large scale events receive more and more foreign exhibitors interested in doing business in the new “Eldorado” pet world, either by means of direct importation  or by seeking partners, who assume the logistics of distribution, in  a country of continental dimensions such as Brazil.
But what I am endeavouring to analyze is that all genuine interest on the part of foreign and Brazilian investors, should first of all seek the correct position of the companies within the characteristics of our market.
Will the language of promotion and anouncement of products and services to wich foreign companies are accustomed in their home countries be understood by the direct and indirect Brazilian consumer market? Will “ translation” not be necessary? By Translation is meant each and every adjustment to the reality of the pet market, with its regional and distinct peculiarities.

And the genuinely Brazilian pet product? Will it have a market in the demanding consumer world market? I am fully aware of the importance of my affirmative answer at this moment, as many Brazilian products already form a part of the reality of consumption of various countries in all the continents. New entrants on this stage may take advantage of the concepts of sustainability, natural assets and even the simple and efficient personality of the brand “ Made in Brazil” at a moment when image in the pet market represents prosperity, opportunity and quality.
With strong companies, a stabilized economy, with fiscal adjustments being made, products of superior quality and with an official incentive to export , more and more Brazilian pet products will have the chance to launch an invasion in various markets.

At the same time , we must be prepared for a reverse market invasion, in which comercial powers such as China and India prepare economic and fiscal partnerships to enjoy the fruits of Brazilian growth in the consumption of produtcs and services for pets.
Finding equilibrium will be the great challenge for our economy, our government and chiefly for all those companies that are directly or indirectly engaged in this hard-fought game called international trade.
What have you done to take part in this new moment of the Brazilian pet economy? Have you been proactive? Have you been reactive? What are the differentiated competitive opportunities that you have undertaken in order to figure in the next pet economic yearbook as a case of sucess?

Think about it!


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